Parent And Me "Music Time" 

For children, birth through age 6 and their parent(s), grandparents, or a caregiver

All children with special needs are welcome!

Ms. Patrica Keith

These fun and rewarding Parent-Child Music Classes feature: 
Lap Games
Creative Movement
Sign Language
Rhythm Instruments
and much, much more! 

These interactive and captivating classes foster:
love & appreciation of music and dance
early music skills
early literacy
communication skills
sensory awareness
and fun, fun, fun!! 


Offering these classes 

  • Family Music Time:  for all ages, birth through Kindergarten

Singing, Creative Movement, Dancing, Playing Instruments, Sign Language and more; fostering cognitive and social development and a love of music. This class is perfect for all ages with a variety of activities built in to meet the needs of each student, from the youngest child to the most experienced.  

  •  Budding Musicians Music Time:  for Preschool and Kindergarten Aged Children (ages 3 through 6) 

This class features early music reading skills, beginning instrument introduction (e.g. guitar, piano, glockenspiel/bells) and of course lots of singing, sign language, rhythm instruments and moving to music.  It will be based on my traditional Music Time curriculum that features a variety of songs, music styles and instruments with extra challenges and activities built in for the preschool aged child.  This class is best for those who have already previously enrolled in Family Music Time.  



Winter 2017/2018 through Feb 27, 2018

Classes taught by Ms. Trish and Ms. Gina  at 10 S Reading Ave Boyertown, PA

  • Wednesday Mornings  9:30 a.m. to 1015 a.m.  

  • Thursday Mornings 9:30 a.m. to 10:15 a.m.

  • Thursday Evenings 5:15 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 

  • Other days/times by request (don't be shy; let us know! :D)

    December Gift from Ms. Gina & Ms. Trish:  Purchase just the month of December for only $30

Winter Session Tuition $115 , includes registration

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Contact me for rates and to schedule a class for you and your child. 
Special rate for twins: The second child receives 50% tuition! 
When attending with an older sibling, the second child in a family is free from birth through 12 months. The second sibling in the family receives 50% tuition after their first birthday. 
**Very reasonable session rates**    Ask about a free preview class! Call or email to schedule yours. 

Ms. Trish is also available to give a fun Music Time class for children's birthday parties! She brings props & instruments for lots of interaction and fun with songs and dancing. 
Contact her for more information about entertainment for your child's birthday.

"Maggie, 3, and Zane, almost 2, absolutely love Tricia's class (and I really enjoy it too!). All the songs are fun and most have hand motions to go with them. Tricia sings them 3 times so we all get the hang of them. Tricia has a beautiful singing voice and she doesn't even seem to mind my off-key singing. The kids have a blast in her class and I just caught Maggie singing one of the songs to her doll just the other day! We can't wait to go back." 
--Steph C, mom of 4 

"Mommy and Me music time with Ms. Trish is a wonderful way for my 2 year old daughter and I to have some quality one on one time. It is a way for my active toddler to learn about music and dance. Ms. Trish does a wonderful job incorporating music with learning (drums, maracas, scarves etc.) " 
--Lisa and Lindsey Smith 

"My daughter Lauren (age 4) and I really enjoy Ms.Trish's music class. She's taught us many new songs and it's so fun to hear Lauren singing them around the house! Ms.Trish interacts with each child and shows them what fun music can be, including movement, rhythm, and instruments throughout the class. You can tell Ms. Trish loves what she does and the children are sure to love it too! It's a great Mommy and Me class." 
- Cheri, mother 

"Ms. Trish is a warm welcoming music teacher! She has a sweet demeanor and gently encourages the little children to sing, dance, and beat the drum. My son loves music and loves coming to Ms. Trish's Music Time. He loves shaking the shakers and playing with the scarves. We really look forward to this fun weekly music class!" 
-Lydia, mother 

More information about the benefits to your child.... 

Many of the main connections in the brain such as motor development, emotional control and social attachment are made in the first few years of life. 

Why are songs and fingergames so great? 
Singing and playing finger games with your child has many benefits. It can help them: 

* Learn to move their fingers 
* Develop their speech and vocabulary 
* Increase their attention span 
* Develop their listening skills 
* Learn to follow directions 
* Develop good imitation skills 
* Increase their understanding of size, shape, numbers, and other concepts 
* Learn order and sequence 
* Express themselves (in their use of body movements and through music) 
* Learn to communicate using sign language 

The best thing of all is that they can be fun and show your child they are worthy of your love and attention.