Studio Policies for Patricia Keith

Students of other studio teachers will receive their information directly from their instructor.  


Tuition for lessons is paid by the month or the session. 
Please make payment promptly at the first lesson of each month. 
A Late Fee will be assessed to any account ten (10) days after the first lesson of the month if payment has not been made unless alternate arrangements have been made in advance. 
Lesson payments may be made in cash, check or credit card. There is a 5% cash discount.  
Failure to make one payment will result in dismissal from the program. 

Studio Expectations: 
Each student is to arrive promptly to each lesson with all necessary materials in hand (music, lesson books, assignment notebook, etc). 
If students are late to their lesson, the instructor cannot run into another student’s lesson time. 
Students are expected to devote regular practice time between lessons. This varies by student, but 5 practice sessions per week is a good rule of thumb. 
Parent and students, please turn off all cell phones off while a lesson is in progress. 

Missed Lessons: 
Effective June 2011: There are no credits or makeups for missed lessons. You may make arrangements with another student to swap lessons with them if you cannot attend your regular day/time. 

For missed lessons, please notify the teacher at least 24 hours prior to the lesson if you are able. 

No refunds shall be given for missed lessons for any reason. 
Lessons missed due to instructor cancellation will be made up by the teacher or credited to your lesson account. 

Lesson observations:
Parents are invited to observe lessons any time. This is encouraged for all beginning students, especially small children. Younger students are much more successful when a parent sits in on the lesson and is aware of what the child is learning and best able to guide them at home. Please be aware that although Mrs. Keith welcomes your attendance, your child may not be as comfortable for various reasons, especially as they approach pre-teen and teenage years. Consider discussing it with your child. Some children don't mind and other children are distracted and nervous with an audience, even a friendly one. Please do not bring other children to lessons. Any student who would like to bring a friend or sibling who is considering taking lessons is welcome to do so; please make arrangements with Mrs. Keith ahead of time. Anyone observing the lesson is asked to please be a silent observer as much as possible so the student is not disturbed. 

Thank you. All policies have been developed to help maintain the best learning and teaching environment.



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